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About Filia

‘Filia’, which means ‘friendship’, was the name of a pioneering fortnightly periodical published on Kastellorizo between 1909 – 1913 under the direction of local chronicler, Petros Mihail Petrides. One of its stated aims was the ‘development and promotion of the island of Kastellorizo from all points of view’. The magazine featured pieces on community life on the island and other articles of local interest. Sadly,  its circulation was to be cut short by worsening economic conditions in the region that saw emigration begin in earnest while the island headed towards revolt against its Ottoman overlords. Nevertheless, ‘Filia’ remains to this day a valuable and important record of these momentous years in Kastellorizo’s modern history.

Naming this newsletter ‘Filia’ is a tribute to that first publication exactly a century ago and recognises the strong links that FoK seeks to establish with the island’s more recent history.

Source: Nicholas Pappas


Current Issue

Filia 58th (Summer North/Winter South 2024)

Past Issues

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