Below are the ferry & plane timetables to & from Kastellorizo. Click the blue link to be taken to its timetable page.


Ferry Schedules

The ferry schedules are as follows:

Dodekanisos Pride (Fast Catamaran)

Dodekanisos Pride catamaran (Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday): departs Rhodes at 8:30am and arrives Kastellorizo at 10:50am. Catamaran then departs Kastellorizo at 11am and arrives Rhodes at 1:20pm.

Blue Star Ferries

Blue Star Chios ferry (Monday & Friday only): Departs Rhodes at 7am Monday and arrives Kastellorizo at 10.40am and immediately turns around and departs Kastellorizo at 11am arriving Rhodes at 2.40pm. On Friday the ferry departs Rhodes at 10am and arrives Kastellorizo at 1.40pm and immediately turns around and departs Kastellorizo at 2pm arriving Rhodes at 5.40pm.

SAOS Ferries

Tuesday: depart Rhodes 3pm & arrive Kastellorizo 8pm
Wednesday: depart Kastellorizo 6am & arrive Rhodes 11am.
Wednesday: depart Rhodes 3:15pm & arrive Kastellorizo 8:15pm
Thursday: depart Kastellorizo 6am & arrive Rhodes 11am
Sunday: depart Rhodes 8am & arrive Kastellorizo 1pm
Sunday: depart Kastellorizo 1:30pm & arrive Rhodes 6pm.




Kastellorizo Flight Schedule 2020

Aegean Airlines

Aegean airlines (every day except Thursday): departs Rhodes at 7am and arrives Kastellorizo 7.40am. Flight # OA096. The plane immediately turns around and Flight # OA097 departs Kastellorizo at 8am and arrives Rhodes at 8.40am.

TUI Airways