Kastellorizian of the Year 2023 Award

2023-10-18 11:23:54 wpnimda
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Rock Solid Kastellorizo/Olympic Day

2023-04-28 20:51:29 wpnimda

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8th International Summer University on Kastellorizo

2022-05-27 21:58:00 wpnimda

This year, the 8th International Summer University organised by the University of Ioannina, Greece in collaboration with Macquarie University in Sydney will take place from July 10 – 15 on Kastellorizo and holds the special title:

Outermost places, language and culture

Language, symbols and signs in outermost Greece.
Barren line and language identities.
Dialects and popular culture.
If you are interested please contact Nikoletta Tsitsanoudis – Mallidis at http://[email protected] or from the website

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First International Mountain Race on Kastellorizo

2022-05-27 21:57:20 wpnimda

The first international mountain race Rock Solid will take place on the 11th and 12th June on Kastellorizo. It is organised under the auspices of the Greek Olympic Committee and co-hosted by the creative platform Treis Laioun and Dio Horevoun, the municipality of Megisti, the Kastellorizo Festival and the Museum of Puzzles.

The most beautiful landscape will provide the backdrop for this inaugural event that encourages athletes of all levels to participate. Sounds like poetry in motion.

Saturday 11 June, 5km race begins at the limani

Sunday 12 June, 10 km race with more challenging, rocky landscapes.

Parallel to this event is a Kids’ 1.3 km Trail Run

Please click on this link from Rock Solid for more details about this 2 day event:

The event is going to be broadcast LIVE on the internet. The website location will be announced by June 1, on the facebook page, ROCK SOLID Kastellorizo. So even if you are not here for the race, you can be part of the action.

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Read the report here

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7th Beyond Borders International Documentary Festival of Castellorizo island

2022-05-27 21:51:21 wpnimda

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Click here to read the official selection press release 2022.

We kindly encourage you to publish it freely.


Yours sincerely,

Anastasia Kagalou

Public Affairs and Communication Manager

International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo “Beyond Borders”

Τ: 210 6669131 & 140 –  F: 210 6669131 Mob: +306985662063


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